MC400 Application


Our team boasts nearly 1,000,000 hours of MC400 experience. In our many years working with MC400, we've partnered with our clients to meet regulatory requirements and expand business needs.

Our experience in supporting day-to-day operations for clients has been invaluable to us both in terms of acquiring business knowledge as well as understanding the importance and sensitive nature of working in client production environments.

Our unique mixture of MC400 knowledge and skill sets, combined with a high level of customer service, is what sets us apart as leaders in the marketplace for MC400 development.

MC400 – Managed Care System (OLTP host-based)

Primary OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) system highly customized for use by Blue Shield of California’s entire IGBU division for the core functions listed below. Prior to CareAmerica’s acquisition by Blue Shield of California, the MC400 suite of applications accommodated both Medicare and Commercial lines of business. (50 other Health Plans, including IPA MANAGEMENT COMPANIES, TPAs, MSOs, etc also use MC400).

Customer Feedback System

(3-tier-Client/App/Server and Intranet) – CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) suite of applications currently used by and upgrading for the following IGBU Medicare departments.

Medicare Sales Force Automation System (aka SMILE)

(Intranet) – Sales Representatives & Regional Managers use laptop computers to synchronize to the corporate database. Browser based mobile application is used on laptops for sales presentations and Sales Representative appointment scheduling.

IFP Sales Force Automation System (aka BRAIN)

(Intranet) – Broker Sales Representatives and Regional Managers use this Intranet application to manage sales to over 9000 brokers. Sales Representatives will use laptop browser based application and synchronize to corporate database.

Letter System

(Intranet) – Browser based system to create/edit Microsoft Word based letter templates and print from any OLEDB or ODBC data source. The application includes Letter History, Letter Request, and Print Transactions.

Medicare Application Tracking System

(Host Based) This is the tracking system for Medicare Lead Marketing and Enrollment Activities. Worklists and Activity Tracking is provided for the following:

Managed Care Reporting System

(Client/Server) – Medical Management research and reporting for Authorizations and Claims.

MCRS Shared Risk System

(Client/Server) – The Finance Department uses this system to produce Shared Risk quarterly & yearly settlement statements for Blue Shield and its providers.

Project Tracking & Reporting System

(Client/Server & Intranet) – Client/Server & Intranet based system used by the Information Technology department for recording and reporting of projects & activity.