Edmund Jung and Associates, Inc. (EJA) was established in 1988 with leading healthcare information technology resources and seasoned industry professionals. We help clients design, develop, implement and maintain critical applications and systems that improve and drive business performance.


Why choose EJA

Clients choose EJA because of our proven track record and our knowledge of the healthcare industry. EJA has a well-rooted understanding of the healthcare industry gained from over 20 years working shoulder to shoulder with clients in their production environments and a reputation of fair pricing and proven loyalty shown by the long tenure with our clients and consulting resources.

Our Applications


Managed Care System: Primary OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) system highly customized.


PCT Grievances and Appeals.

Process Communication TrackingTM – G&A (PCT-G&A) gives your organization the ability to process its Grievances and Appeals utilizing a highly configurable state of the art system. PCT-G&A effectuates the creation, tracking and resolution of Grievances and Appeals through Workflows organized as dynamic sets of Action Items centered on a Case.


Transaction Portal®

Transaction Portal® is a web-based Transaction Portal built to interface with any Managed Care application like Facets, QNXT or MC400. Designed as a state-of-the-art solution and developed using Microsoft Visual Studio, it is intended to be hosted on a recent Windows Server with the .Net Framework and SQL Server.